Freedom in Canada

Freedom in Canada

It’s called the best country in the world
but I feel it’s into Hell I’ve been hurled.
At one time we were bringin’ home hogs,
now we’re just a pack of dog eatin’ dogs.


Will the love in you bring out the love in me?
Or will the greed in us destroy everything we see?
I’ll always be nice if you let me be,
or we’re enemies; cause I’ve got to be free!

Well slavery isn’t something you choose.
It’s another way of sayin’ you’ve nothing left to lose.
If I was given a choice I’d pay my fair share,
but you are starving my kids so I really don’t care.


You say your God says that I am yours,
so you can sit on your ass while I do your chores.
You’ve stolen all I owned with your phoney money,
now I’m holding the bag and you got all the honey.

You say the world I live in is the one that I make
but I’m doing all the work while my wages you just take.
Call it what you want to, it just ain’t a free nation;
if your birthright is the debts of the last generation.


What’s in my heart and mind will make this place,
but what’s in yours we also have to face.
What’s fair is fair and it goes both ways.
If you want my gun; then I know what that says.

So take your regulations and put them all away,
Making rules up for others just ain’t the way to play.
The only law I follow is the Golden Rule;
‘cause nothing else is Freedom and I’m nobodies fool.


Jimi Townsend   © 2008


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